Friday, October 12, 2007

Chemistry Question - Redox

Halo, Try this one...

Q) A drop of solution S turns acidified orange potassium dichromate (VI) to green chromium (III) ions. What must solution S contain?

A) An acid
B) An oxidizing agent
C) A reducing agent
D) A substance that can be oxidized

Come on students....



Anonymous said...

Is it C?

zhengning said...

Orange potassium dichromate (VI) is reduced to green chromium (III) ions, so it's an oxidizing agent.

Hence, the solution must be a reducing agent...


Anonymous said...

I think the answer is C.. by the way, can I have the link that was removed in the comments in the post on Fats and Terylene?

lijun(: said...

i think its C too.

S reduces the orange potassium dichromate (VI) to green potassium dichromate (III),
hence, S must be a reducing agent.

Sean Chua said...

Well Done both.

Answers is indeed C. Some students tends to have problems when it comes to Reducing and Oxidizing Agents.