Monday, February 11, 2008

Follow Up Email Math Question on "Use of barycentric coordinates and law of levers"

Dear student,

It is really cool to see you exploring an area beyond your scope of book.
This is in fact what true learning is all about.
However, many a times, students are buried with tons and tons of homework assignments and project deadlines that the entire meaning of learning is lost.

Nevertheless,"Use of barycentric coordinates and law of levers" is an area which is definitely of a higher level.
Since yahoo-ing gets you hardly useful info, have you google?

I did, and this is what I found.
Check out the few websites and they should be helpful in some aspects.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Email Math Question on "Use of barycentric coordinates and law of levers"

Hello AlwaysLovely!
I am a seconday 4 student this year
if u can remember, you tagged at my blog somewhere last year and mistook me for a secondary 4 student then, this thus led me to your blog.
anyway, i got a maths question to ask. i know that you wrote on your blog to ask you about O level maths but i was reading a book on geometry proofs and saw a question that was proven by the use of barycentric coordinates and law of levers. i am rather interested in this way of proving so i tried to yahoo-ing for tutorials on barycentric coordinates and was lost by some of the very few tutorials posted on the net.
So, i was wondering if you can enlighten me on some basics of barycentric coordinates or perhaps email me some links to tuturials on barycentric coordinates that might be easier for a secondary school student to understand.
i look forward to your reply and thanks!