Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chemistry Question - Macromolecule

Q)Fat and Terylene are:

A) Natural polymers
B) Polyamides
C) Polyesters
D) Synthetic polymers

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Anonymous said...
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LinwooD said...

polyester.. answer is C i think.
because fat contains ester and terylene as well i guess. not really sure about it. hmm.

A, natural polymers (terylene is not)
hence, Acannot be the answer.

B, Polyamides are for protein and nylon,thus B cannot be the answer.

D, Synthetic Polymers, this is obviously a no-no because fat is not synthetic. :D

correct me if im wrong yea, thanks.

lijun(: said...

fats and terylene are polyesters.
cos they contain the ester linkage, which is the -COO- bond.

fats are natural polyesters, while terylene is a synthetic polyester. hence, from this information, it is clear that only C(polyester) is the suitable answer.

Sean Chua said...

Well Done. Fats are made up of 3 molecules of fatty acids and 1 molecule of glycerol (an alcohol that has 3 OH hydroxy functional group). As such, it forms 3 ester linkages.

I dont have to esplain Terylene. It should be covered in school textbooks. Do let me know if you need any clarification.