Monday, December 3, 2007

O Level Essential Chemistry Concepts Coaching Programme | Tuition@Woodlands Lib

Dear students,

Sean, the O Level Chemistry Guru is holding his Essential Chemistry Concepts Coaching Programme at Woodlands Regional Library starting on 5th Jan 2008, every Sat at 1pm. It's a 2 hours sessions each Saturday.

He's currently taking in students who DID not pass their Chemistry or obtain just Borderline Pass in the subject.

Class size is kept at a maximum of 8 students to ensure maximum attention is given to every single student.

Register by calling Sean at 9 828 7357. You may contact him for any other coaching matters.

If you think you deserve more than what you are getting currently, learn from him on the simple ways of understanding chem concepts. Afterall, he has helped many students to achieve leaps in their results!

For more info, visit

** This is not the usual Chemistry Tuition for O Level students. You will not be left alone just to do papers and papers. You will be taught the essential concepts that will make big difference in your results and yet at the same time enjoy learning Chemistry with a Difference.
You got to be there to experience it!

alwaysLovely on behalf on Sean, co-founder of

P.S there is less than 5 months to mid years, less than 9 months to prelims, less than 10 months to GCE O Level!

Be Ready!