Monday, December 10, 2007

How to choose an effective tutor or tuition centre for O Level Students

As I was flipping through the papers, there are many advertisements on effective tutors, results,improvements guaranteed, school teachers, scholars etc...

Personally, I think with so many choices available, it is certainly not easy for students and parents to find one which will match their expectations.

I met up with a parent recently whom in fact shared with me on the centre she has enrolled her girl with. I was shocked to find out that the class has a total of 7 students of DIFFERENT levels (eg, there is a mixture of Sec 1 to Sec 4s) all taken part by a tutor. Moreover, the fees charged by this tutor is more than the average price of a group class. Well, this parent mentions that she is testing it out and sees how her girl progresses.

In my personal opinion, the following factors are important for the selection of the right tutor/coach for your learning needs:

#1:Effectiveness of tutor/coach

Having said this, I think to save the time of parents and students, I personally like the fact that there should be trial lesson provided especially for Individual Tuition Coaching sessions.
This is especially important for O Level students as time is crucial and precious. Trial lesson gives the student and parents sufficient time for the interaction with the tutor. Able to connect and communicate effectively with the student and parents are extrememly important!

#2:Track Record of previous students.

Please note the results of the students before joining the tutor/coach. Many a times, I saw the great end results produced by the students but didn't see what were the improvements made.
For example, if a student is able to breakthrough from F9 to a B within a few months. I would consider the tutor teaching methodology be to effective & beneficial.
I was told that some learning centres only take in students of certain grades (usually good grades) and reject those who did not meet their grade expectations.
I always wonder if this is the case, what is the true purposing for tuition/coaching? I need extra help only if I face a certain level of challenge otherwise if I can cope, I won't be seeking tuition/coaching.

#3: Academic Qualifications of tutor/coach

With my several years of interaction with parents, it seems like parents like school teachers. This is rather ironic, as if your child is not able to learn well from school perhaps due to a long list of reasons, would another school teacher be different? Well, I am not saying that school teachers aren't good. Some of them are in fact very experienced and knowledgeable in syllabus and teaching methodology. But once again, I strongly emphasize on the connection and rapport established between the teacher and student.

I certainly hope I have provided some useful tips for both students and parents with the selection of a right tutor/coach for your learning needs.

"Good Teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more" - Bob Talbert


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