Wednesday, October 31, 2007

O Levels almost over

Hi all students,

Both Maths papers are over! I think there is left with 1 MCQ Chemistry & for folks who are taking Biology as well.

With O Levels coming to an end, this blog WILL continue hee.... I appreciate all Sec 4s to pass on this blog to your juniors or even better still would be you putting a link on your blog. We have an enjoyable time answering and posting questions. Both Sean and me simply love it when we see students participating, leaving comments, answers. Simply awesome!

We will continue to reach out to all Sec 3 & 4 students especially those taking A/E Maths & Chemistry.

Oh yar! Both Sean and me are going to launch something in a months' time. It's going to be beneficial to those who are looking for tips, strategies to do well and to like the subject.

Meanwhile, keep in contact. If anyone of you need any help, send an email to

alwaysLovely & Sean


Anonymous said...

Great blog. :)

zhengning said...

haha this blog definitely has helped me in some way, i'll pass it on to my juniors!