Friday, October 10, 2008

"Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!" Free Intro Section!

One word to sum it up : madness!

Here’s What I Got:

I’m excited to annouce the launch of “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!” - Score The As You Deserve By Knowing What Examiners Are Looking Out For!

Here’s What “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!” Will Do For You:

  • Shows and teaches you the difference in answering similar questions like “What do you understand by the term alkanes …” verse ” Define alkanes” - Glossary of Terms - Comprehensive and commonly misused terms
  • Examination tips that you overlook (or perhaps not even aware of!). By knowing them, they save you the time to crack your already stressful mind during the papers and of course score more marks by giving what examiners are looking for!
  • Reveals the common mistakes students made! (which you do not want to be part of it!) 10 years of coaching and you can imagine the load of mistakes I have witnessed … All these valuable secrets do 1 thing for you : ensure you do not repeat them!
  • Highlight THE ANSWERS which will get you the As you truly deserve.
  • How to present the concepts you already have in the way the examiners love to read!

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next: (Do this quickly)
Download your FREE copy of Introductory Section to “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!” HERE

(I am limiting the number of copies, once reached. It will not be available anymore!)

PS: “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!” is not like any other revision books out there. It is written by ME! (Read more about me here), someone who has breathed Chemistry all his life, coached tens and hundreds of students to achieve what they truly deserve! This book is basically written by all my students for all students who have yet to unlock the SECRETS of Scoring in Chemistry!