Wednesday, December 19, 2007

X'mas Presents?

Hello everyone,

for those who partcipated in the voting of the template of the site.Tks for your response.
for those who didn't vote yet, you still have a few more days to vote.

X'mas coming so I guess most of you are busy preparing x'mas presents or are you busy with clearing up more space to receive more gifts?

Whatever the case, Sean, the co-author of askalwayslovely & the SimpleChemConcepts guru seems to be busy preparing something free for everyone to start the new academic year on the right year.

I will push him to release the gift he's preparing soon okie!

Meanwhile, you may want to check out this site on THE SONG!

btw, have you downloaded your copy of "Be a Squaring Expert within 30 seconds"?
Click here to gain instant access

Less than 15 days to the start of the new school term!