Wednesday, October 17, 2007

June 2007 A-Math Paper Step by Step Solutions

Dear students,

Those who have completed your June 2007 Papers! Well Done!

I can't provide the solutions for free as there are already some students who have bought the step by step solutions & Power Tips for June 2007. I need to be fair to them.

Btw, I have received email from a student that I should not be giving out the June papers free as some of you paid $1 for it.

But the ironic is. though I'm giving it for free, only a handful of serious students are downloading and taking actions to do and find out the areas they can improve on.

For those who wants to check the answers, you can perhaps discuss with your friends or you can get your copy of the step by step solutions here
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I have provided a tip and answer for June 07 P2 Q12 Co-ordinate geometry qn here

All the way!