Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Excellent Positive Attitude

Think i came in bit late, but better than never i suppose..Happy Childrens Day!

You have been working very hard (i suppose) for the past few months. Regardless of the results that you achieved in your Prelims Exams, Give Yourself some "Claps"..You deserve it more than anyone, for working so hard.

Been too stressup to even give yourself a SMILE =)??
Check this Thai Ad out...You do need to take some time off to chill and refresh your mind..while studying for the finale.

Nice rite?? Hope i can see you smiling.

There are some who told me that they have problem to keep focus and prepare for their upcoming O levels. I would just like to urge you to stay positive during this period. Think of the dream college/Poly Course that you would like to go..Think of the fun and the amount of things that you are going to do when you finish of your last paper..and you could simply put down that rock on your chest, by simple saying: "Yes. I have finally done my part for the O levels. Nothing to regret at all. Time to enjoy!"

Here is one of those movies that i watched regularly to stay motivated and positive.
Hope you will find it equally Inspiring.



LinwooD said...

I LOVE this movie. it's very inspiring. FACING THE GIANTS! :D

great job Sean!
i feel more encouraged again now. :)

Sean Chua said...

Hey linwood,

Glad you find the Movie Clip inspiring to you. I have been watching it whenever i feel slightly down or lost. We all meet obstacles and face problems. Impt thing is to stay focus, keep that postitve attitude and find that solution to the problem.

If you wanna to watch more of such Inspiring movies, you can vist my personal blog on Success Essentials where i have a section on Inspiring Movies, stated below:

Do share with your friends or siblings, etc, that needs such platforms to motivate and recharge themselves.