Saturday, September 15, 2007

A-Math Differentiation with Ln

Qn frm email

Differentiate ln square root (2x+4)

Hint#1: Bring out Laws of Ln which is somewhat the same as Laws Of Log :)
Hint#2: When you are asked to Diff Ln (whatever) = Diff (whatever) OVER (whatever) :)


Amaths Differentiation and Integration techniques.
How to actually remember all the different ways for differentiating and Integrating, I always get mixed up

Hi xxx,

Differentiation = Decrease Power
Integration = Increase Power
(It's often sth OVER another)


Diff e^2x = 2e^2x
Integrate e^2x = (e^2x / 2)

Diff (3x+4)^5 = 5(3x+4)^4 (3)
Integrate (3x+4)^5 = (3x+4)^6/(3*6)

It's suggested that you have a "cheat" sheet with Diff on Left Hand Side and Integration on Right Hand Side.
To familiarise more, work on at least 5 qns just on differentiation and integration :)
You can always scan me any qns or type out any should you face any challenges.