Monday, September 10, 2007

Learning is NEVER about memorization

I was coaching this girl who was facing some challenges with a-math; she has never passed her a-math before but the interesting thing is that she was doing all right for her e-math. well, both are math subjects, what are reasons for the difference in performance?

i was curious... pretty curious....

my curiosity was killed one day!

I was asking her a simple qn and she couldnt answer not because she wasn't smart. in fact, she's a bright girl...

i was shocked to hear her reason "i didnt bring my a-math exercise book with me, everything is in there, now i can't remember!"

then i told her " you don't have to memorize anything as formulas that are needed for provided in the formulae sheet!" the rest is understanding basic concepts! yup UNDERSTANDING....

i know some of you are already objection! objection! let me prove it to you all.

now imagine in your sci papers, you are asked the question to state the colors of rainbow. if you have learnt this in an interesting manner you will remember for life.

allow me to share with you all a story of how the color of rainbow comes about,

once upon a time, in this place called york, there lived a poor young man. his uneducated dad wanted the family to get richer, richer and called his son richer richer with the hope that his son 'richer' can fulfil his wish...

this young man was very brave despite being poor. when his place was attacked by enemies, he was the rare few who stood out, ready to be part of the warrior team. as the place york was too poor to buy more weapons, 'richer' of york gave his best in the battle against his enemies but his attempt was in vain.

however, everyone remembers the richer of york as he was one brave man who fight so bravely that even the sky was touched by his courage and when the war ended, there was a heavy rain for 3 days 3 nights. on the 4th day, everyone saw the colours on the sky. it reminded them of the brave young man


exactly like the colors of that phenomenon


Imagine i've told this story using a PowerPoint presentation with visuals, audio and even kinestatics etc, wouldn't it be powerful in helping you all recall the colors of rainbow?

this is what many are paying to learn; super memory techniques....
associating what you need to remember with something ridiculous, out of the norm, funny.... is one of the "tricks" in mastery of any subjects

so true learning is really never about memorization.
it's about finding the different tricks to enhance your understanding....

this is powerful

my teacher didnt tell me this previously! how i wish someone had share this tip with me earlier!