Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to gain most?

first of all, we would love to thanks all those who have posted your comments, shared your thoughts, asked your questions :)

Keep them coming! we welcome all! Since O Level is coming by in 25 days time, we would love to continue to see this blog active. btw, did i mention that there are on average 100 of you viewing this blog daily? not a huge number but both me and sean are happy that there are people who visit this blog. and we will continue to provide you with tips to do well.

well, to ensure that you gain the most of out this, you yourself must participate! yeah participate is the key! ask all sorts of qns, answer qns the way u think is correct, just do it anyway! it is through participation that we can truly experience and learn at the maximum potential.

so when there are qns, have a pen and paper and work things out! see if your concepts and understanding are firm and clear.

keep the fire burning!