Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emails Keep Coming In

I guess the recent earthquake tremors in Singapore are affecting my gmail as well.
My mailbox seems to have more emails as a result of the shake. LOL

It's a good sign I think. I assume more of you are seriously studying mugging harder than ever for the BIG THING. I've put a timer there if you didn't notice. 36 days and counting to the first paper, a-math.

With more emails, coming in. Pls be notified by me and "bear" might take a while to answers the questions you post. But we will be working triply hard too!

For those who know of this blog, you might want to share them with your friends as well or even better would be putting a link your blog!

You guys are pretty rather in blog designs, I've seen many creativity in you!



xianfeng said...

thats so nice of you! thanks for the service and for visiting my blog! hmm i seen some of the posts on your blog and they are really helpful!

IceCleric said...

thanks of commenting on my blog..
ur blog looks useful if i do got some a-maths questions that i don't know can i leave a comment here?


alwaysLovely said...

IceCleric: Feel free to send your qns via comments or email.
Both channels are fine.
Just ensure that if your qn involves any diagram. A scan will be more useful for email.

Anonymous said...

hi,thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.your site is helpful!i'll ask if i have any doubts.thanks!