Thursday, September 6, 2007

About askalwayslovely

My friend, "bear" and myself understand the amount of stress during this period of the year especially for theO Level students. so we decided to do our part to make this situation a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for students.

By answering all O Level A-Math, E-Math, Chemistry questions within 24-48 hours :) for free!
Email to

For those with questions, please scan or type your qns, we will reply with guidance and "secrets" in understanding the concepts. To ensure you gain the most out of this experience, it will be great if you include your workings and your thoughts on the questions.

Why us?
We have been coaching for many years so we have our strength in the subjects listed above.
Moreover, Bear is constantly talking to Scientists so his information is even more up to date!

Feel free to link my blog to yours as well :)